Wednesday, January 16, 2013

                                     The Day We Met
Today was the day my whole class has been waiting for. The day the new girl came. Just the day before we saw her name on her new "mailbox". Because i was so excited i came in unpacked my backpack and put everything in it's place,wrote my homework and did all that in less then 3 minutes i sat down. When the announcements came on and finished  we heard the click of the door. Our heads turned in excitement smiles on our faces she came in with a pink backpack, pink headband and  of course a pink jacket. Mrs.Rooman my teacher said "Welcome to Millstone River School Diana!"."Who would like to show Diana around the school?"she asked. My hand shot up like a bullet but she didn't pick me she picked my friend Clair. Although i was happy for her i was disappointed that i didn't get to. When we were supposed to be reading i made a book mark for Diana and asked her if she wanted to sit with me she said "Yeah sure." We talked a lot and she said "My favorite color is pink how about you?""My favorite color is pink too!" i yelled.We had so much in common that we became bff's.

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  1. Luna I really like this story.
    Bas mi se dopada,super si.